The Yidan Prize is an annual award that is bestowed upon individuals or teams that have contributed significantly to education research and development in Hong Kong. The prize is managed and governed by the Yidan Prize Foundation which is responsible for communicating the prize’s vision and advancing its mission. Their mission is to promote and foster progress in education by building a global community that is committed to improving quality and innovation in education.

Every year, the Yidan Prize foundation holds the award presentation ceremony and summit. In 2020, due to the pandemic, it was not possible to hold an offline event and Yidan Prize adapted to the circumstances to hold it virtually. Yidan Prize consulted DSIGN to create the brochure and the information booklet for the ceremony. The DSIGN team was required to create sophisticated and high quality booklets which would reflect the superior positioning of the Yidan Prize brand.

DSIGN worked with Yidan Prize to come up with a clean and minimalist look for the information booklet. Yidan Prize provided us with some comprehensive brand guidelines which laid the foundation for the structure and placement of images and text. The DSIGN team was in constant communication with them to balance the style and creativity with the themes and design language that they had given us.

We created a modern looking brochure which included all the information about the online event and the speakers. DSIGN used subtle colours throughout with solid pastels to divide the booklet into different sections. Overall the theme was kept consistent with the use of clean lines and easy-to-follow flow to content.

Yidan Prize_case image-02

DSIGN was able to deliver a well crafted information booklet that met the high expectations of the client. We even assisted them to find paper and printing services to distribute the information booklets.