GoMore is a fitness-focused tech company that was founded in 2011 by a group of sports enthusiasts in Taiwan. They worked meticulously to develop a fitness algorithm, which can provide real-time stamina level, when combined with physiological data. GoMore has collaborated with global fitness brands to develop equipment and wearables for AI-based sport coaching possibilities.

Their aim is to integrate the training feedback with sophisticated equipment to provide a superior user experience that helps users understand their training effectiveness and helps them improve their quality of life. In a new and highly competitive sports software industry, GoMore needs to stay ahead of the curve by amplifying its strengths to attract more attention. The challenge was to reinvent and showcase a unique visual appeal to empower the vision of GoMore and differentiate it from its competitors. GoMore also wanted to promote the idea of unleashing the full potential to reach fitness goals using its AI coaching software. The DSIGN team wanted to reposition the brand to go beyond the traditional idea of sporting through wearables and relay the concept of “future of sporting” and “AI coaching”.


1. Brand Image Reshaping

In our exploratory phase, we found that most contemporary health-focused wearables tend to focus on the collection of exercise data such as exercise duration, heart rate, calories burned, etc. As a result, these devices take up the role of a fitness “supervisor” rather than a “coach”. On top of this, most of the wearables have bottlenecks in data collection that lead to inaccurate results and are collectively thought to be not credible. To reposition GoMore as a leader in the industry, DSIGN decided to strengthen its AI solution provider image and drive GoMore to reach more diverse markets. We wanted to highlight the fact that GoMore provides scientific-based fitness markers and AI coaching to help individuals improve their performance potential and health. DSIGN also wanted to focus on the simplicity of using GoMore to achieve fitness goals. This would assist in further amplifying the message of being more advanced and providing an intuitive customer experience.    

2. Social Media Execution

Being an AI sports algorithm solution provider, GoMore needs to collaborate with more fitness equipment and wearable manufacturers to bring their software to a wider consumer base. Keeping this in mind, it was essential to focus our marketing efforts in the B2B channels to target potential brands that would like to work with GoMore. The DSIGN team decided to employ LinkedIn and WeChat as the primary platforms to kickstart GoMore’s initial brand reshaping. WeChat is the single most important social media platform in China. It provides excellent B2B functionalities with the ability to perform as a mini-website and tools to communicate directly with potential clients. LinkedIn brings professionalism and the capability to target specific groups and brands, making it extremely effective in China. DSIGN decided to leverage both of these platforms to showcase a comprehensive concept of GoMore being digital, modern and progressive. This was designed in a way to accentuate the value and scientific prowess of GoMore’s fitness algorithm. This not only made GoMore look unique but it also differentiated the brand from competitors who provide inferior solutions. The LinkedIn and WeChat showcases featured subjects being active and encouraging text that would entice curiosity and align with GoMore’s image of being synonymous with going beyond to achieve fitness goals.    


3. Press Conference Preparation

As a result of the brand repositioning project undertaken by DSIGN, GoMore was able to capture the attention of renowned brands like OPPO and OnePlus to develop smartwatches. This, paired with an exclusive partnership with the China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), helped us provide GoMore with the credibility to differentiate itself from the competition. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GoMore resorted to holding online press conferences and seminars about the new products. DSIGN helped GoMore prepare resources for the launch and online press conference to provide rapid response in a fast paced environment.      


Along with the pandemic, the overall shift towards a healthier lifestyle has allowed GoMore to expand their business and capitalize on working with new brands to introduce products that feature their fitness algorithm. A successful B2B campaign came as a result of the combination of multi-channel approach and focus on the core competencies of GoMore. By highlighting the algorithm’s superiority DSIGN was able to successfully reposition GoMore as a leader in the industry.