CBC – acronym for Canada Breakfast Company, is an upcoming Canadian-French restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong. The name CBC comes from the phrase Canadian-born Chinese, which is also the identity of the owners. As a new restaurant with minimal understanding of the local requirements and culture, CBC was interested in doing a complete brand strategy and design overhaul. CBC consulted DSIGN for their initial brand strategy and brand identity design which would capture their values and establish the CBC name as a high-quality dining destination.

DSIGN was presented with the challenge to portray the identity of the owners and their mission through branding. The brand represented modern comfort food with a luxurious dining experience. The DSIGN team undertook this project to create a portfolio of resources that would highlight that CBC a piece of the Canadian lifestyle.

To get started with this project, we first outlined the brand story and identified the branding strategies that we would use. A logo was designed which was coherent with the modern and minimalist theme of the brand. We used the core values of Community, Innovative, Authentic, and Sustainable as the building blocks to further develop the brand identity. We made efforts to incorporate these values in every aspect of our design.

DSIGN created an open and welcoming interior design that would give the illusion that customers are dining away from the crowds of Hong Kong. We focused on service and ambiance which are integral to any good dining experience. CBC’s efforts to be environmentally friendly were highlighted to align with the theme of sustainability. All of the menus, business cards, and packaging were an extension of this theme. This would give strong brand recognition and solidify their brand identity.

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DSIGN managed to present CBC with several logos and branding options that would relay their mission to bring a modern and unique dining experience to Hong Kong. Along with this, we also designed the overall visual identity system that would allow CBC to present its brand to potential customers and future investors.