World Industry provides global supply chain management, domestic freight forwarding, domestic trading, and import and export business services. As a trading company with a global perspective, the owners know that their corporate image needs to be more international. They need to establish a brand-new corporate image in a short period of time and expand to the global market, making World Industry a stable and reliable international brand.

Through communicating with the client’s management, we learned that they mainly deal in import and export projects. We have tailored a set of Visual Image (VI) systems for World Industry.

For the Logo design, we have highlighted the link ideas. The blue lines represent the domestic countries and the red lines signify the foreign countries. At the same time, the lines form a W representing the “World”, which allows customers to clearly understand that World Industry is an international business. The upgraded logo conveys the company’s goals and values.


The customer was very satisfied with the results. After upgrading the brand image, the client’s brand awareness and display rate increased by 50%, bringing a far-reaching brand effect to World Industry.