Jadeite is an extremely rare mineral, as a traditional type of jewel, it is deeply embraced by the Chinese and worthy to collect. But the high-end market lacks a leader to define the value of it and spread the jadeite culture.

The client hopes to build a high-end jadeite jewellery brand and create a collectible jewellery brand in the industry.

Our team took two months to gather the knowledge of jadeite and study the target audience of jadeite. In the end, we established the Aphrodite for our client through a two-week market research questionnaire and interviews.

Beauty with Elegance, True Love with Aphrodite is the brand’s slogan. It represents the tone, history, and Aphrodite’s culture. At the same time, through integrating public relations, the brand has a higher recognition in the market.

The LOGO was inspired by the jadeite logo: Ru Yi (scepter), the traditional Chinese skylight, and the word Fei Cui (jadeite).


A complete and excellent brand image builds a good foundation for the client in business development. We provide brand personality and brand cultural values that create a coordinated effect both for internal and external communication.

The research content of the brand provides references for the customers to make strategic judgments. Whether it is a traditional marketing approach or a modern marketing approach, Aphrodite has displayed a good image and brand value.