In Shanghai, the number of SAT and GRE studying and training institutions is growing massively.

The goal of the “Sanli Yuying” education group is to stand out in the fierce competition. Sanli’s Leader: Danny Wang, came to our agency in need of a new custom visual identity and website to provide superior brand positioning, aiming to accurately convey the effect of the company’s services.

“Sanli Journey” is the proposal we designed for Sanli. This proposal consists of a series of designs from logo, corporate visual identity and a corporate website. The Sanli Yuying logo is inspired by 3 steps of studying: “Enjoy”, “Growth”, “Success”. The project design and development were completed in one month.


Sanli is the leading education group that offers a comfortable and reliable study environment, helping students prepare tests for overseas studies. So we created a website that provides detailed information about their teaching tools and experienced teachers.

Highlighting Sanli’s strong points: “flexible, reliable, and comfortable”, we were able to make it a little easier for students to choose Sanli over others.

– 90% of students give positive feedback after rebranding – Clickthrough rates grew 50% in 3 months
– Market Occupation increased 10% in 3 month

February 2015 Danny WANG, Director of Sanli YuYing

“Thank you for your design and marketing suggestion and for making our image look simple but premier, a lot of students like our new image.”