UNIROYAL mainly customizes Australian tourism projects. It emphasizes the concept of making vacations more noble, but it has been limited by the extensive tourism industry and the competitiveness in the market. They hope to use their actions to be recognized by the market. UNIROYAL not only provides services but also emphasizes the attitude of traveling, making vacations more enjoyable and elegant.

UNIROYAL mainly focuses on how to make customers feel comfortable, but also noble and elegant during traveling. We understand the positioning requirements of the brand and clearly know its target audience. We designed the image of the royal regiment of horse guards. Brown color has a calm atmosphere, which allows the brand to reiterate that it will use the best services to help VIPs enjoy traveling around the world.

In order to better communicate with the target audience, we have promoted a social platform for our client. It assists the client to improve brand planning, create a favorable environment and accumulate loyal users.


After the logo was set up, it visualized the image of “concierge service. A strong brand image won the favor of partners and customers. It gave influence and business opportunities to UNIROYAL.