T Regent’s main business specializes in real estate sales in overseas markets, particularly in the Netherlands. Their challenge is to establish contact with high-value customers and deliver professional and effective information to them so that the company can conduct transactions frequently.

We understand the importance of brand image for the real estate industry, so we investigated the visual preferences of their target customers. We designed a red and gold color logo for the T Regent Group. We enhanced this brand image with a recognizable website and a marketing brochure.

In order to transmit brand information, we established a social media presence for the client to promote their business in China using WeChat official accounts. We integrated sales language for T Regent and created a good communication environment through social accounts, accumulating loyal fans and followers.


After unifying the visual image and promotional materials, the sales team was able to easily convince customers to purchase high-value real estate. This was made possible because a professional visual image can obtain the trust from customers and partners.

Through unique brand positioning and the continuous efforts of management, T Regent has become a leader in the Dutch and overseas real estate industry. It has expanded its subsidiaries and businesses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.