Jian Hai Xuan sells coconut chicken and seafood hot pot. The original logo of the company was a chicken, which was too monotonous and mediocre. Thus, a strong visual effect impact was needed to fulfill diversified market demand.

In order to highlight the coconut chicken products, we added coconut leaves to the brand’s visual image, associating it with tropical food. We used waves and seafood products to relate the product positioning of Jian Hai Xuan. We highlighted the brand advocates: a healthy, fresh and delicious feeling.

We emphasized company products by giving a good visual impression.


The catering industry usually uses yellow and red tones, so a unique color theme made Jian Hai Xuan’s brand identity stand out among its competitors. At the same time, the new logo accurately matched the main product positioning of Jian Hai Xuan. It received unanimous recognition from the market and increased sales.