Doramigo produces the world’s first modular drone for kids that is compatible with Lego’s components. As the products are technological, the founder Dora  wants a more dimensional and interactive visual effect on the webpage, that gives instant visual experience to audiences.

They wanted the first impression of their web page to portray the product as very interesting and creative.

After knowing the client’s request, we made great efforts on the web design. Not only did we add a 3D experience into the website, but also embedded videos and tools for 360-degree rotation. These features allow customers to understand the product details and encourage them to explore and interact with the webpage.

















After knowing Doramigo’s idea was to arouse customers’ interest on the webpage, we updated the website. As a result, it attracted many new customers and created an additional promotion channel for Doramigo. Nowadays, the web pages are no longer popular, but the new Doramigo website became popular, which has successfully reached the client’s goals and requirements.