NeuCareers is an AI-powered career development tool, to train user on-demand in accordance to their resume and the job they desire. The user will receive personalized and computerized feedback from the AI algorithms. NeuCareers specifically requested a leaping carp in the logo which symbolizes the Chinese mythology of “carp over the goal can be transformed into a dragon”. It implies that a successful career or an improvement of position.


In order to incorporate an extra fish in the logo, we decided to do our work on type “U”, purely based on the letter pronunciation. This bares a similarity to the Chinese pronunciation of “fish”. The design of the “U” in LOGO is ingeniously integrated with the element of the “leaping carp”, which means users can find an ideal job and have great success after using products of NeuCareers. Presenting images of Energy, Professional and High Technology.

In contrast, we also designed an UX/UI  for their interview system. Our mission was to design a clean yet professional interface that will satisfy the client.

NeuCareers_case image_2-04