Achieve Capital is a Hong Kong-based private equity firm with a global investment portfolio focused on the dynamic and high-growth markets of the Greater China region. Formerly a long-established family fund, Achieve Capital has a highly experienced and professional investment team.

For their upcoming new private equity fund, Achieve Capital wanted to find a branding company to tell their unique brand story: which could accurately communicate ACHIEVE’s corresponding brand pillars: Ambition, Curiosity, Honesty, Independence, Empathy, Visionary, and Enthusiasm.

We guide you through.

Achieve Capital is here to light up your way in the investment industry, delight and inspire the investors in the midst of a constantly-evolving world, with aspirations to achieve, think and push forward.We stand by our values and goals of always offering you more.We care about tomorrow, thus we go for sustainable growth.


The logotype design is derived from the combination of a rooftop and the brand’s starting letter- A.

The DSIGN team started from scratch and thought about a new brand proposition that would highlight the client’s professional, reliable, open and inclusive personality. We wanted to create a positive association with partners by using the brand’s logo to describe the three brand personalities of Open Minded, Honest, and Ambitious.

case study_achieve capital-logo-02
case study_achieve capital-logo2-02

Colour is an important aspect of a brand’s identity. Using colours appropriately is one of the most effective ways to make sure the materials are cohesive as well as helping gain recognition.

case study_achieve capital-color-02
case study_achieve capital-card-02

Chinese TC and SC Font

To maintain consistency, use the Chinese typeface “思源黑體 Noto Sans CJK” as the standard font.

Primary Font

To maintain consistency, use the English typeface: “Greycliff CF” as the standard font.

Alternative Font

The secondary typeface is Arial. In situations where we cannot ensure that all users or recipients of digital applications will have access to the typeface Greycliff CF, use Arial instead.

case study_achieve capital-font-02
case study_achieve capital-official-02
case study_achieve capital-card2-02

Aligned with the brand’s image, the icons are constructed with minimal lines and rounded edges to maintain a high level of consistency throughout.

case study_achieve capital-icon-02

In addition to the brand logo, the DSIGN team also designed a complete set of visual applications for the client, including posters, brochures, and business cards, based on the ease of reading and visual cohesion of the content. The unified visual design permeates the brand concept into the client’s office scenes and website pages, combining the offline scenario-based expression with the concept on website to make the brand more comprehensive.

Poster Design

case study_achieve capital-poster-02

Brochure Design

case study_achieve capital-br-02

Website Design

Presentation Keynote Design

case study_achieve capital-key-02

In this partnership, DSIGN has created a unique brand vision for a leading private equity fund from scratch.