The start of 2020 brought with it a unique speed bump for the world to face. The COVID-19 pandemic is something we are all familiar with and also something that affected every corner of the world in a way no one could imagine. Spreading through droplets when speaking or coughing, an accessory everyone was forced to adopt as part of their daily routine was a face mask to cover their mouth and nose. Hygiene Mask is the only Hong Kong-based manufacturer of face masks with a laboratory and manufacturing unit, selling high-quality masks to meet the massive consumer demand during the pandemic.

With the growing demand came an influx of supply, both local and imported. In this situation, it was important to capture the customer’s attention through a redefined visual identity. Hygiene Mask employed DSIGN’s services to enhance their visual brand appeal.

After conducting a market survey, the DSIGN team found that people were very concerned about the quality of the facemask and the protection it would provide. Keeping this in mind we designed a logo and brand identity for Hygiene Mask that would convey their superior quality and positioning as a credible mask brand. Using the red cross in the logo and highlighting the reassuring metrics on the package design created the reliability that the public looked for in their face mask purchase decision.

Along with this, DSIGN helped to create a social media stir through a comprehensive online marketing strategy. A monthly calendar was created with a mix of content styles to increase engagement with customers. This included promotions, KOL outreach, competitions, giveaways, and information about new launches. The social media campaign was conducted through Facebook and Instagram with a monthly report on post-performance and future strategy.

HM case study-01

Hygiene Mask was able to increase sales and satisfy customer needs by positioning themselves as a superior face mask manufacturer. Key learnings from the online marketing campaign were shared by DSIGN to help formulate a future strategy to uphold the brand image.