What Are the Worst Logo Designs?

      Someone asked, “What are the worst logo designs?” on Quora. There was an answer received nearly 5,000 likes from Archie D’Cruz, “My choice might surprise you.”     “Wait, what’s wrong with that?”, I hear you say. Well, not much, except that this is representative of what I call the Attack of the Clones. Here’s how it works. Let’s say there’s a company that wants a logo designed for, well, free, so they post a question on Quora. Like so: Are there any free logo makers? ~or~ What are some good ways to get a free logo design? After getting their knuckles rapped by the community, the company might check out the services on sites like Fiverr or go really (cough) upscale and post a project on 99designs. You know, the site where dozens of designers all competing to create a logo for you and plead “Pick me! Pick me!” are very often, what you get is something like what you see above. It’s only when you’re browsing the internet in the weeks and months ahead that you notice other logos that look sorta familiar…     A website I chanced upon did a great job of collecting some of these clone logos, including the ones I posted above. There are several other generic logos featured on the site as well, all of which you’ll probably start to recognize should you make the mistake of purchasing one of these for your own company. Like this example:     There’s a reason that good logo designers charge the fees that they do. Research into what already exists, evaluating your company DNA, and building something that fits perfectly takes time, effort, and expertise. Here’s some free advice for companies looking for a good logo: Don’t cheap out.” The writer is the founder and designer of a design studio.   Picture from internet Edited and translated by DSIGN Team Reference: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-worst-logo-designs For cooperation, please contact: info@dsignhk.com