Michelle Zhou graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with Master of Translation and Bilingual Interpretation. During her studies, she was selected to the internship program in Sydney, and exchange opportunity in Taiwan.In academic experience, she participated in the Hawaii International Humanities conference by virtue of an ancient poetry translation thesis. After graduation, she joined in the professor’s translation and publishing project,  which translated published more than 60,000 Chinese and English chapters.

She later joined the Financial Group as a chief advisor and senior translator, responsible for client financial projects and accompanying interpretation. At present, she is in charge of translation for copywriting, branding, marketing planning , advertising and public relations in DSIGN.

Through a clear understanding of brand, culture, and business, Michelle localizes DSIGN’s client work to successfully articulate their brands across desired demographics.

Armed with an M.A. in Translation and Bilingual Interpretation, Michelle has ample academic experience across various continents working with academics translating ancient Chinese texts. With a deep understanding of the etymology in that carries over from old languages, Michelle uses this ability to execute copywriting, branding, marketing planning, and public relations in DSIGN.