Before joining for DSIGN as an Account Manager, Kei spent nearly 7 years in UI/UX design, advertising, integrated marketing, and strategic alliances and her prior career includes a UI/UX designer & Account Manager at a product design company. “I am responsible for making sure clients’ needs are met and their voices are heard while coordinating with others and fulfilling the contractual day-to-day duties we’ve been hired to perform.” Work Activities: – Creating a portfolio of client accounts and monitoring the ongoing activities related to them. – Managing, reviewing progress, and delivering the client’s advertisement projects. – Conducting meetings with the clients as well as informing them about the current work status of their projects. – Establishing relationships with new clients and maintaining and nurturing business relationships with existing clients. – Identifying accounts whose revenue may be shrinking so as to address any ‘at risk’ customers and reach out to these accounts to ensure they are retained. – Monitoring work performance of colleagues and setting sales targets. – Recruiting and training new account executives.