Doraemon Xiang is a lecturer at the Department of Cultural Management of the University, focusing on the content of new media integrated marketing communication. She has rich media channel resources and experience in corporate brand culture promotion. Having spent a long time with students born in 1995-2000, she is very familiar with their way of thinking and purchase decisions.

She served as the media brand consultant of Zhongmeilian Group, mainly responsible for brand promotion, platform building, and planning for new media (WeChat official account, Toutiao, ParticleNews, etc.).

Doraemon also served as a brand consultant for Qiqi Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd. and guided the team to create intriguing self-media platforms for genetic science content. The team was awarded the Public Welfare Project Award at the 6th China Charity Festival and received support from the China Arts Festival Foundation to publish the content on WeChat. She also has developed good business relationships with, Zhihu, China Medical We-media Association, and Tencent Public Welfare and Charity Foundation.

She is currently involved in content planning and provision for a number of corporate public platforms, including WuXi AppTec, Alibaba Group, Shimao Property, Bright Food’s China International Food Festival, Lexus, etc. Her work involves developing high-quality new media content that caters to different target audiences. The high-quality and effective marketing solutions have received positive feedback from companies and the target audience.