Biu studied Visual Communication at the Beijing Institute of Technology. After Biu has graduated, he focuses on brand planning and successfully created a series of catering and lifestyle brands that were popular among young people, such as Tarotaro, WHY COOKING, Laps Laps, LV juice, Urban Beats, G-BOX. At the same time, Biu has his own NON-Break Lab, focusing on the development of apartment brands in first-tier cities in China. NON-Break Lab owns Mao Ning Apartment, Back House, Sugar, etc.

Biu has a strong sense of branding and professional knowledge. He is familiar with the youth market, which he always believed that a successful brand must be able to know what the teenagers pursue. In such a fast-paced society, he thinks that the brand’s youthfulness is particularly more important, and variety is what strives to succeed.