Annabella is the Business Director and co-founder of DSIGN. Her passion for the branding industry ignited when she earned a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With extensive experience in brand consulting and communication, Annabella specializes in in-depth brand research and cross-border brand communication. She has served over 30 companies in various fields and countries, including Dufry, Sinopec, Taikoo Hui, M7, OKX, and more, fostering strong, lasting relationships with her clients.

During her tenure at Apple, Annabella recognized the irreplaceable value of creating a successful brand image. She believes that both internal and external brand construction are equally essential and that long-term brand investment can help offset management and marketing costs. Annabella is deeply passionate about defining a brand’s DNA and driving business performance through strategic branding. In addition to her primary roles, her leverages her extensive network to offer comprehensive brand planning and consulting services, as well as training and support for growth-oriented companies.

To find more about Annabella and her branding philosophy, visit Branding Mag.