Annabella is the Business Director and co-founder of DSIGN, she fell for the branding industry since she obtained a master’s degree in corporate communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has extensive experience in brand consulting and communication, specializing in in-depth brand research, and cross-border brand communication. She serves more than 30 companies from different fields and different countries, including Apple Retail, JobsDB, Huawei, Fuji Xerox, etc., and she has established a good and deep relationship with customers.

When she worked for Apple, she realized the irreplaceable value of creating a successful brand image. She believes the internal and external brand construction is equally essential, and the long term of brand investment is a method in setting aside the cost of management and marketing. Annabella was very passionate about how to define a brand’s DNA, and how to drive business performance by branding strategies.

At the same time, Annabella has a wide network to provide customers with pre-IPO brand planning and consulting services, offering related training and assistance for the companies which want to be listed in Hong Kong.