How to Use Content Marketing to Drive Business Growth?


Content marketing is a long-term strategy to build strong relationships with your target customers and audience with the objective of driving business leads. In a survey of marketing professionals about the state of B2B marketing, content marketing is now a more popular tactic than search marketing, public relations, events, and paid advertising.  The essence of content marketing is that it can provide a continuous stream of valuable and relevant information to consumers. Great content can help to establish brand awareness, build connections, and acquire some potential clients. marketing sales According to the theory of the “marketing funnel” proposed by LinkedIn,  we can understand each stage of a decision-making process. In today’s age of advanced marketing technologies, marketers can cost-effectively reach their target audiences at each stage of the funnel and identify relevant leads depending on the purchase roadmap.  Now moving on to B2B content marketing execution, DSIGN will share some tips for you when you need to use content to drive business breakthroughs. For more details, please follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Content marketing

1. Regard Each “B” to “Individual People”

Although we are B2B market-focused, we need to know that there are many decision-makers in B2B purchases. These decision-makers may at times need to be educated in order to make a more informed decision on behalf of their company. In order to find them, creating reader-focused content is important. Meanwhile, storytelling becomes an essential part of B2B content marketing to make a brand outstanding.

2. Make a Content Audit

Before we leverage content as the core strategy to engage with customers, it is important to take into account exactly what content you have at this moment. It takes time to curate your material and present it in a digestible manner, which may include white papers, webinars, case studies, research reports, videos, and photos. According to Hubspot, B2B marketers with blogs generate 67% more leads than B2B marketers without blogs.

3. Take Advantage of Tools

There are a handful of tools that will make content marketing smoother. Collaborative Tools Like Trello and Zerys can make it much easier to manage projects. Every team member can work together quickly and efficiently. Content marketers can also use data analytics tools, which allows us to better understand things like topic popularity trends, keywords and content ideas.

4. Create Evergreen Content and Keyword

Try to create evergreen content (content that doesn’t go out of date) to draw customers’ attention. The content must cover some classic topics and problems that make readers glean useful information and/or value from it. You can also use this opportunity to build brand trust. Trusting customers are more likely to support companies than those who lack such confidence and doubt the information they read and helps boost leads. Especially during COVID-19, businesses are given the opportunity to reshape content and rethink their content strategies.  





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