DSIGN’s guide to Corporate Culture 

By Christy Leung 

Corporate Culture Company culture has the power to make or break a business, big or small. It defines how a company cultivates business growth by offering each employee a voice while acting as a set of guidelines to encourage healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviors, and work ethics. We believe a strong corporate culture that aligns with employees’ values and expectations is the first step toward your company’s success.

Unique Brand DNA

A brand DNA describes who you are, it sets clear boundaries on your company values, mission, culture norms, communication style, and people, which differentiate you from your competitors. At DSIGN, we value integrity, a growth-oriented mindset, and trust. Our vision is to get rid of noise in this world by executing work that makes brand messages clear and concise. For that reason, we conduct brand consulting work by keeping in mind our passion and responsibility of creating brand values that inspire consumers and clients alike with sincerity and a caring attitude.

Caring Company Culture to Build Positive Relationships

In regard to the integrated culture framework, DSIGN implements a ‘caring’ approach with high flexibility and interdependence. DSIGN, as a small-medium enterprise (SME), cultivates a team-oriented culture to ensure face-to-face communication, sufficient mentoring support, and personal relationship development are delivered to the team with a warm, collaborative and flexible working environment. We listen and connect. But most importantly, we celebrate success and achievement to keep our team motivated, engaged, and empowered. Company Culture

We focus on teamwork, transparency, and mutual trust

To adapt the company culture into our daily work, DSIGN takes step-by-step advice to achieve the aspirational targets. The team kicks off the day with a daily morning meeting to report and keep on track of the work duty. It has become our shared norms to be transparent and communicate closely within the team. Every week, a team-building training session is set to improve the soft skills and remind all staff of our company culture. We design a new culture on the basis of complementary strengths to speed up integration with a forward-looking strategy and to create more shared value over time. Hence, the team has a monthly appraisal to reflect upon the work process and role fulfillment of each team member. By doing so, our team is trained to be agile, adaptive, and efficient.


Company culture is anchored in unspoken behaviors, mindsets, and social patterns. By maintaining a strong team spirit and morale, employees can be united by loyalty where higher employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and retention are paramount. With these cultures and values being embedded in our company as sustainable competitive advantages, DSIGN has continued to thrive.


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